Globe Trotters

Of the three Inniskilling Battalions which fought in the Second World War, the 2nd Battalion had the most extensive and interesting experiences; from its restoration in May 1937 (it had been disbanded in 1922), through the disasters at Dunkirk, to Madagascar, India, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sicily, the dreadful slogging match up through Italy and finally occupation army in Austria where it was disbanded in 1947.

Drawing on the Inniskillings Museum’s broad range of archives of books, documents, personal diaries, and photographs this extensively illustrated booklet gives a flavour of this battalion’s experiences, ranging from the deserts of Iran to the mountains of Italy.  Uniquely, it also tells the story of the experiences of some Inniskilling Prisoners of War, some of whom, having been captured at Dunkirk in 1940, spent most of the war in German camps.   One was such a nuisance to his captors for trying to escape many times, that he ended up in Colditz.

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