The WAY of WAR in the SEARCH for PEACE

The 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment at Waterloo – A poem by Gordon Read.                      Price: £2.50

The Way of War in the SEARCH for PEACE, a poem by Gordon Read

Words like sombre and lucid were used in a review which drew attention to the ‘linguistic chill’ imparted by some sparely lined poems in Gordon Read’s earlier collection of poems focusing on Twentieth Century conflicts.

This long poem is a new departure in which the experience of the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment at Waterloo is portrayed through the eyes of a rank and filer serving in one of Wellington’s squares at the heart of what was, until that time, probably the bloodiest battle ever fought within one day.

Brigadier WJ Hiles CBE, Chairman of the Inniskillings Trustees and formerly commanding officer of the 27th when part of the Royal Irish Rangers, is most enthusiastic about this dramatic and measured account of the Regiment’s courage, endurance and sacrifice when defending the weakest part of Wellington’s position during the latter stages of the epoch changing Battle of Waterloo.

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