Archies War

My scrapbook of the First World War 1914-1918

by me Archie Albright
(aged 10 years)                                                     Price: £7.99

Dear Reader,
Archies War

Do you suppose a ghost dog can bite? I hope not, or Archie is going to loose his dog on me for showing you his private scrapbook. He wrote “top secret” inside it, but that was nearly a hundred years ago – long enough for even a top secret to be shared.

Archie was ten years old and crazy about comics in 1914 when his uncle gave him this scrapbook. The empty pages soon began to fill with characters Archie made up, stories about his family and home in the East End of London, and the weird and wonderful souvenirs he collected. A few months later the First World War broke out and Archie’s world slowly started to change. But he kept on with his scrapbook, writing down all the events, even the terrible ones, that touched his life, and confiding his private thoughts and feelings. That’s why his scrapbook is crammed with emotion, humour and courage and is a unique history of one young person’s life during the Great War.

I think I hear the ghost dog barking far, far away. But perhaps his bark is worse than his bite, and it’s worth a little nip if I can share Archie’s war with you.

With thanks to Archie, and best browsing to you.

Marcia Williams


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