An Eloquent Soldier

The Peninsular War Journals of Lieutenant Charles Crowe of the Inniskillings, 1812-1814

edited by Gareth Glover                                                   Price: £19.99

An Eloquent Soldier

A 331 page illustrated book which is a rare uncensored account of military life.  Lt Crowe wrote a daily journal at the time, which he wrote up in 1842-43 and then embellished the basic journal with his thoughts and actions in eloquent detail.

He is outspoken in his views, censures officers both junior and senior, talks of the ravages of war and the pillaging, raping and looting.  He describes the deaths and horrific wounds of many in lurid detail, the cowardice and stupidity and the mundane everyday detail of military life in Wellington’s army.

The only memoir by a member of the Inniskillings during their final campaign in Spain and their march into France.


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