It Was an Awful Sunday



It Was An Awful Sunday  – The first comprehensive published account of the experiences of an Irish battalion at the Battle of Festubert, May 1915. It covers the experiences of the 2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers from August 1914 to the Battle of Festubert in May 1915 where they suffered 65 percent casualties. Including many personal accounts; it tells the story of the officers and men of a closely knit battalion recruited across the community in the North of Ireland.

The book goes on to examine the impact that the tactics of both the Empire and German Forces at the battles of Neuve Chapelle and Aubers Ridge and the subsequent ‘Munitions Crisis’ had on the conduct of the battle of Festubert. The daily life of the soldiers throughout the winter of 1914/15 is covered along with the bearing that the topography and weather conditions had on the outcome of the battle.

The post battle impact on individuals and the battalion as a unit are also covered in detail.

ISBN: 978-1-908336-36-1

Published by Reveille Press (an imprint of Tommies Guides Military Booksellers & Publishers).

First published in GB by Reveille Press 2015

Price: £14.99

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